Policy Management & Audit Control

Car Rental

Both large and small organizations are looking to reduce costs by negotiating preferred vendor rates – such as hotels, car rentals, and often limiting daily expenses to per diem rates. Other companies rely on per diem rate structures defined by geographic location or government standards such as CONUS and OCONUS rates.

Switch to the Carrot

The Ariett policy manager provides for the flexibility to set default or contract rates, rate ranges, and offer the ability to flag out-of-policy entries and flash warning for policies about to exceed the limit on the expense category. Green, yellow, red indicators help employees navigate your policies and provide messaging at the line item disclosing the policy. Putting information at your employee fingertips that encourages good behavior or at least prompts employees to add a note as to why the expense went over policy guidelines.

Policies by Business Groups

Policies can be grouped by business units within a company, an employee can be assigned to a business unit and automatically have visibility to those expense categories and policies for that business unit.

With easy to run reports, your audit team can see at glance rates from merchants that exceed contracts, out of policy line items, duplicate entries, and repeat offenders. On-the-fly query is available to team leaders or managers to view their departments current or historical expense line items by employee – right online without running a report. Quick access and on-the-fly queries make it easy view and analyze details in real-time. Queries can also then exported to excel for further analysis.

Capture Electronic Receipts

Ariett provides policy management for required receipts by expense category and line item, helping your organization comply with IRS and internal accounting standards for documentation. Taking a snapshot of a receipt with an iPhone or iPad can speed up the capture and electronic attachment to the employee’s expense report.

When using the Ariett iPhone or iPad App an employee can simply attach the photo receipt to the Ariett Xpense line item and both the expense and the receipt will automatically sync and create an expense report with attachments on your corporate Ariett Travel and Expense system.