Simplify Expense Receipts with Ariett Box4Dox Cloud Service

Box4Dox Receipt Service

Employee Gets Their Very Own Box4Dox

No more scanning, no more faxing and no more paper receipts. With Ariett Box4Dox Cloud Service employees can simply take a snapshot of their expense receipt using any smart device, attach to email, add a subject and email the receipt to your very own Box4Dox in the Cloud. The receipts sit in your employee box and are available for selection when entering an expense report line item in Ariett Xpense. No more stuffing receipts in your wallet or bag, no more losing all those out of pocket on the go small purchase receipts, and no more hassle.

Go Paperless with No Hassle Receipt & Document Management

Multiple documents can be attached to an expense line item which is particularly beneficial to department, location or operation managers who use their personal or corporate credit card to purchase operational goods and services. Personal or corporate credit card transactions can be seamlessly downloaded into Ariett Xpense; the items can be associated with an expense type and will automatically create an expense report line item. The manager or employee can select and attach multiple documents to a single line item: a receipt, invoice, price quotes, cost justification documents, and packing slips. By providing the employee with their own centralized Box4Dox, Ariett helps companies eliminate paper, simplify the capture of valuable purchase and expense documentation, and improves accountability by directly linking the documents to the transaction. Approvers and financial team members can view documents at any time, gaining transparency and insight into businesses purchases by credit cards.