Approval Workflow

At the backbone of your Ariett Purchase to Pay System is a flexible yet sophisticated rules based workflow management system for both Requisitions and AP Invoices. Pre-approval & authorization of purchases provides organizations to time purchases and manage Cashflow.

Email notifications can be configured to send upon submittal, approval and PO generation, capturing an audit trail; with comments for approvers and a date and time stamp at each step of the process. The workflow manager continues to capture an audit trial when PO changes are made, and through the receiving, invoice approval and posting steps – providing a 360 degree view of all purchase transactions.

Get Organized

An unlimited number of workflow hierarchies can be defined to meet the demanding needs of multi-entity organizational structures. Approval routes are company specific, yet approvers can cross companies. An approver can view all pending approvals across companies from a single browser login or your smart phone or smart device.

Workflows can be defined based on any combination of business rules: dollars, departments, GL account codes, item classes, item types and specific routes – roles such as approvers, buyers and requisition managers can be inserted multiple times in a workflow rule.

Ariett workflow manager offers group approval, parallel routing, FYI approval, alternative approvers, and time and condition based reminders (email notifications). When assigning users to an approval group, users inherit group rules. System tools are included for changing workflows due to re-organization, offering even more flexibility for managing your business rules.