eProcurement Sourcing and Catalog Management

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Ariett works for your business by handing your buyers the tools for efficient, simple online procurement. Manage your catalogs in Ariett and/or shop online and submit your requests for quotation to maximize savings.

Procurement with Supplier Catalogs

Ariett ReqNet’s cXML Supplier PunchOut is the ideal choice for your everyday or industry specific suppliers. Ariett uniquely facilitates the cXML connection with your supplier catalogs with no hidden fees.  By supporting your negotiated contract pricing, Ariett PunchOut provides your employees with easy-to-use online procurement.

B2B Online Shopping with PunchOut

When employees click on a supplier’s shopping cart icon in Ariett, they can securely sign on to the supplier’s website to purchase items with contract pricing. Employees can gain access to stored shopping lists, view item availability, and select the most current items without your purchasing team spending time updating supplier catalogs. When employees check out their items, a requisition is created within Ariett to be submitted for approval.

Ariett Software saves your employees more time by eliminating re-keying of data into a requisition or purchase order (PO) and automatically creating a PO from an approved requisition. Upon the release of a PO, it is uploaded to the vendor’s website.  When the PO is received, the supplier sends a confirmation email. 

Request for Quotation (RFQ)

To request price quotes, compare pricing and award vendors by line item, your buyers can start by submitting a requisition and identifying line items to send to multiple vendors for a price quote.  The resulting prices can be compared at the line item, and line items can be awarded to different vendors. Upon award, the resulting prices can automatically update the catalog items in Ariett.

Once vendors are awarded, Ariett creates an RFQ requisition that can submitted for final approval. Throughout the request process, ReqNet captures an audit trail, including response dates, attached quotes and pricing, providing the information that an approver needs to finalize the award with a PO.