Business growth often involves acquisitions and mergers, as well as opening new doors in different regions, which means that it's important to be able to conduct intercompany transactions. Ariett streamlines accounting between multiple companies within your corporate entity by allowing you to create intercompany transactions when entering requisitions, accounts payable invoices or expense reports. With our intercompany capability, you can maintain accurate, balanced general ledgers for your parent company and subsidiaries and gain visibility to real-time financial data across companies.

Keeping Multiple General Ledgers Balanced

Once general ledger relationships between your parent company and subsidiaries have been configured within Ariett, the parent company can collect payments and pay expenses while creating corresponding entries in other company databases. For example, when supplies are used by both Company A and Company B, corporate headquarters can pay for those supplies but assign the charges to both Company A and B. The general ledgers for the headquarters, Company A and Company B are balanced automatically and electronic audit trails can be used to monitor the entire process.