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The Xpense Mileage Calculator for expense reporting is a favorite for both employees and any organization that needs to reimburse their workforce for work travel in an employee owned vehicle. Ariett’s ease of use and accurate rates and mileage calculations with Google Maps integration helps employees to quickly complete expense reports with minimal effort. 

Employers depend on the accuracy along with route optimization. The results of the calculation can be audited, and the details are captured for reporting and customer or client billing.

Key Benefits:

  • Facilitates easy calculation of mileage and mileage reimbursement rates for employees.
  • Supports multi-stop trips and remembers addresses visited for regular travel routes.
  • UDF picklists allows employees to capture additional details on customers, patients, or clients.
  • Organizations where employee mileage reimbursement is a significant expense will benefit from the accuracy of the Xpense reporting calculation.
  • Approvers can quickly verify correct mileage with a view of the Google Map results.
  • Information from the Mileage Calculator automatically populates employee expense reports.
  • Copy Mileage expenses from a previous expense report for regularly traveled routes.
  • Exclude non-reimbursable mileage from the reimbursement calculation.

How to Calculate Mileage in Ariett Xpense:

When entering a new expense report, simply press a button that brings you to Mileage Calculator. Enter a starting and ending address destination point and the mileage information automatically populates your Xpense expense report. 

Google Maps Integration

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