This Valentine’s Day: How to Find Your Expense Reporting Software Soulmate

If you're a salsa sensation every Friday night, but your significant other has two left feet; or if you're an avid rock climber, but your special someone has vertigo, then long-term compatibility may be an issue. While you might be assessing your love life this Saturday, it's also important to consider compatibility in your work life, more specifically: will your web-based travel and expense management software jibe well with your mobile devices?

Research today shows that an increasing number of people are adopting tablets for their everyday use and will continue to do so; in 2013, PC sales decreased by 98% and tablet sales around the world are projected to reach one billion units by 2017 ( As more employees rely on tablets (and smartphones) in their personal lives, they will also expect to be able to easily use their web-based business applications on these mobile devices.  For traveling employees and managers who don't want to lug around an unwieldy laptop, the ability to use a tablet or smartphone to manage their travel and expenses represents a relief indeed. 

Not sure whether your travel and expense management solution is optimized for your smartphone or tablet?  No problem—just use this handy checklist guide:

Compatibility Checklist:

  • When you log in to your expense report on a mobile device, is your first impression that entry is going to be quick and easy?
  • Can you swiftly touch your way through the expense reporting steps without having to zoom in to get started?
  • Are you able to effectively communicate with your significant approver by snapping (receipts) and chatting?
  • Can you confidently complete your report from whichever device you choose (and without a single click of a mouse)?

If your answer to these questions is “yes,” then you’ve found your expense reporting software soulmate. If your answer to these questions is “no,” then it’s time to face reality: your expense reporting solution and mobile device are just not compatible; you’re probably better off sticking to laptops and desktops for your work instead of venturing out with tablets and smartphones.

To ensure that your travel and expense solution will work for you on any tablet or smartphone, you need a solution with a mobile first interface design.  Built with CSS3 and HTML5, a mobile first interface adapts seamlessly to the screen size of different devices and operating systems.  Because the development process of a mobile first application starts with a smartphone and then a tablet, the buttons, text and layout are all optimized for these devices.  For those of you who still prefer to use your laptop or desktop at the office, this type of application works just as effectively on laptops and desktops.

So, how will tablet and smartphone compatibility improve your travel and expense reporting process?  Our mobile first application, Ariett Purchase & Expense Software, allows employees to easily submit expense reports and import credit card charges on the go.  If you’re headed home on the train and would like to quickly enter a travel request, you can simply log in to Ariett from your mobile device to select the dates and times for your travel and connect to Kayak to search for your estimated flight fares.  Approvers in a time crunch and between meetings can access Ariett from any device to view at a glance (with the help of Ariett Software’s intuitive color-coding) the number of pre-expense requests and expense reports pending approval.  In this way, Ariett Purchase & Expense Software works with managers and employees to support your business process and get expenses submitted in a jiffy.

Want to learn more about tablet and smartphone-ready Ariett Purchase & Expense Software and our travel and expense management functionality?  Just take a quick peak at our brief and instructional product videos.  After all, with Valentine’s Day around the corner, why not find the perfect software match for your mobile device?