Procurement Webinar with Amazon Business 2/28

Looking to make purchasing easier, less time-consuming for your employees? Searching for a solution that will help you to increase the percentage of PO invoices and ensure that employees across departments are following company policies and buying from preferred vendors?

Then, join our webinar “Buy Smarter, Faster for Your Business” on Tuesday (2/28) at 4:00 p.m. EDT, which features an Amazon Business guest speaker.

In this educational webinar, you will learn how Ariett’s requisition and purchase order management solution combined with punch out to the Amazon Business online marketplace will bring easy, controlled buying to your team. An employee simply connects via cXML PunchOut to Amazon Business from Ariett, adds items with best pricing to the cart and checks out to automatically create an Ariett requisition. After the employee’s manager approves the requisition against a budget (e.g. a department, contract or capex project budget), the employee emails the PO off to the vendor with the click of a button. It’s that simple.

The Power of Ariett Procurement and Amazon Business Combined:

  • Employees have access to 5 million business priced items on the Amazon Business marketplace for easy, cost-effective shopping.
  • Seamless Ariett to Amazon Business integration helps employees to generate a requisition right away.
  • Procurement no longer needs to spend an abundant amount of time maintaining vendor catalogs and managing employee purchase requests.
  • Approvers have control over when an item is purchased and during which budget period.
  • The CFO on any mobile device, at any time, can view the status of all purchase requests across the enterprise and review the audit trail for the complete purchasing cycle – from requisition to PO to receipt to invoice to payment.

This webinar will be led by an Ariett Product Engineer and will feature an Amazon Business Expert, who will walk your team through the benefits of Ariett Procurement and Amazon Business, demonstrate the process from the perspective of an employee and approver and explain the simple setup steps for this integration.