New Report on Procurement for a Modern, Mobile Workforce

PayStream Advisors Illuminates the Benefits of Multi-Screen Purchase-to-Pay Applications

Research and advisory firm PayStream Advisors released a new report this week on “Why Mobile eProcurement Matters for a Modern Workforce,” an important topic for an organization to consider when evaluating procurement, AP invoice automation and purchase-to-pay cloud solutions.

The report draws attention to the pressing needs of a modern workforce.  It’s no longer sufficient for employees to have a desktop procurement application.  For traveling employees and employees who are geographically dispersed, they require cloud business solutions that allow them to easily collaborate and make budget-informed purchasing decisions, based on real-time data, from anywhere. 

Glenn Brodie, President of Ariett, said, “This report directly aligns with our product strategy to address the collaborative and mobile requirements of today’s employees.  When employees have an easy-to-use purchasing application that presents them with the right information, they are empowered to make proactive, informed decisions that result in corporate savings.“

The report delves into specific reasons why a multi-screen, multi-device application that is built with responsive web design (RWD) and adapts to different screen sizes is useful for managing the purchase-to-pay process.  Chief among these reasons is that employees have complete visibility to data and documents – from  requisition approval, to purchase order creation, to receiving and invoice matching. 

Regardless of employees’ location and the device they are using, employees, for example, can still view an invoice that has been associated with a contract for marketing services and check the remaining budget for that contract.  The ability to access the same information and functionality across devices helps employees to improve operational efficiency and CFOs to make cost-saving decisions.

In exploring some of the key benefits of a multi-screen web application accessed via the cloud versus a native application accessed via employees’ devices, the report emphasizes that a multi-screen application offers a more secure approach for storing data because all data is stored in the cloud instead of on employees’ devices or in their email. 

Another key benefit of a unified platform for procurement, AP invoice automation and expense reporting for any device is that employees only require training for one solution, which follows the same logic whether employees are approving a requisition or an expense report.

To read the complete report on “Why Mobile eProcurement Matters for a Modern Workforce,” please click on the following link: