Mobile Expense Reporting

Your sales and field service teams are mobile, so they need a mobile expense reporting solution. Meeting with prospects and taking care of your valued customers is important work and your team may incur travel and project related expenses. Instead of waiting to receive expense reports when they get back to the office, why not let them submit expenses from the field?

Go MobileWhether your assign a mobile phone or tablet or an employee brings their own, you can put that device to work with Ariett Mobile Xpense - the first expense management and reporting app designed for business travelers and employees on the go. Ariett Xpense sets the gold standard for expense reporting with Ease of use, Detailed reporting features, The ability to set up policies on expenses, and real-time integration with enterprise resource planning (ERP) all from a mobile device.

Users can snap a photo of a receipt and enter data into an expense report using any mobile device. Receipt entries can be associated with expense category and sub-categories, currencies, and payment methods of expense entry that is completely customizable by your organization. Users can also add comments with entries which is helpful should they need to make a note about the client they met with or if they exceed an expense policy and need to notify their manager. Business rules for mileage calculation and other policies can be managed corporately.

Mobile Product

The Ariett Xpense App for the iPhone/iPad is compatible with iOS6 and the recently released iOS7 for the iPhone and iPad. Expenses can be enter while offline, stored in the iPhone/iPad mobile expense reporting app and can be set to immediately sync with your Ariett Travel and Expense Management solution online as soon as a user gains connectivity again.

The completed expense report and photos of each receipt, once submitted, triggers a customized workflow. You can choose to have a manager and/or other departmental superior receive a notification email containing a link to the report, then a manager or series of managers can approve or reject the report.

Once approved, the Ariett expenses are synced with your ERP system (using direct, web-services for Microsoft Dynamics or a web API) posted to accounts payable for employee reimbursement, the appropriate general ledger accounts, and you can track the resulting budgetary changes affecting customer projects or departmental expenses.

Break the chains and free up sales and field teams from their desktop while reducing the paper and headaches commonly associated with expense reporting. With Ariett Xpense, you achieve spend management where you can actively monitor what your people are spending money on and when. Use this data to control spending, create new expense-related policies, and monitor budgets in real time. Protect cash flow, keep customer or departmental budgets on track, and reduce the chance of wasteful spending. Contact Ariett for more information about Ariett Mobile Xpense or Ariett Xpense iPhone/iPad app to help you keep a close eye on your finances.

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