Microsoft Makes Mobile-First Design Hot: Ariett Releases Mobile Expense Management

Ariett Customers Using Mobile User Interface

With the release of Microsoft's Surface Pro 3, the technology mogul continues to emphasize the importance of mobility in the future of business.  A recent article on the company's blog explains how the laptop-tablet hybrid opens up new territory for designing touch-ready, mobile apps, where the mobile user's experience is at the forefront of application development.  We are excited to be a part of the vanguard for introducing purchase and expense management software with mobile-first design.

As a company that is constantly engaged with our customers about the current demands of their business, we understand how crucial it is to develop mobile expense management solutions for today's workforce.  This is why we've created Ariett Touch—a new, mobile-first user interface for Ariett Software.  Mobile-first design means exactly what it sounds like: in the design process, first we optimized our application's user interface for smartphones and tablets and then we tweaked it for the desktop. Whether you use Ariett Software on a smartphone, tablet or desktop, the interface seamlessly adapts to your device's screen-size, providing you with the same functionality and user-friendly experience.  As a result, our customers can easily enter or approve requisitions, invoices, contracts and expense reports from anywhere, on any device. 

Ariett Software's mobile-first design combines with our one, complete platform for purchase and expense management to provide customers with a product that simplifies both the end-user experience and policy management. Department managers can view, search and approve or reject purchase requisitions from any device. Budget indicators display valuable information and reviewers can change or select general ledger accounts.  Regardless of the device or operating system, employees view the same interface, same policies and engage with Ariett consistently across the enterprise.  With Ariett's single platform for purchasing, AP invoice automation and travel & expense management, your company benefits from visibility to documents and access to policy controls and approval workflows from any device.

Microsoft's support of mobile-first applications aligns with our belief that they will soon be the norm in business.  Compounding the importance of investing in this software for your company is the growing number of businesses with BYOD (bring your own device) policies.  With the wide array of mobile devices out there, ranging from iPads to Android phones and now the Surface Pro 3, you want a software solution that will deliver complete functionality across devices and streamline your requisition and purchase order management, accounts payable invoice process and travel & expense management. To learn more about how your business can meet both current and future mobile demands, please take a look at our brand new video on Ariett Touch.