How is the Cloud still the best option for modern business?

When a recent article released by the Wall Street Journal raised concerns about Cloud software for small and medium-sized businesses, we were surprised the article overlooked obvious tangible benefits of the Cloud.

Remaining relevant in today's marketplace requires that business transactions be completed on-the-go—the days of the small business owner being tethered to a desk are over. Microsoft Azure Data Centers support small and medium-sized businesses by providing security, reliability, and accessibility for a fraction of the cost of On-Premise deployment. While firewall management, redundancy, power backups, generators, and remote support severely tax IT resources, the Microsoft Azure Cloud offers all these services without a hiccup.

Does the Cloud take up more bandwidth? Data transfer to Cloud solutions actually requires very little bandwidth while data transfer from a mobile platform to On-Premise solutions sometimes requires more. Some Cloud products use zero customer bandwidth, such as Ariett’s Box4Dox, a workflow-enabled AP Invoice Automation solution that allows vendors to send invoices via email and employees to upload receipts directly to the Cloud.

The Wall Street Journal article also raises concerns about adequate backup of data in the Cloud, but these concerns can be quickly dispelled. At any time, an Ariett customer can request data backup; while a large backup dataset can be sent to a customer directly from Microsoft on a disc, a dataset less than 5 GIGs can be delivered electronically on the same day to any online storage service.

Reliability, low bandwidth, availability, security: these are the reasons why businesses of every size need to consider the Cloud platform as a cost and headache saving solution. Does your business really want to manage its own datacenter and be responsible for security and redundancy? A Microsoft Azure Data Center provides these services at a very low cost.

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