How CIOs Can Manage IT Capital Projects Better

As the CIO of a company with multiple locations and corporate expansion on the way, you and your team brave the rapid pace of technological change and the daily onslaught of outdated infrastructure – those hissing, hacked and ghoulish machines that threaten to fail at any time.  Only a massive IT overhaul can deliver your team from their clutches – and Ariett is here to help you.  When you launch your IT upgrades, you can use Ariett’s integrated Procurement and Contract Management solution to track your new vendor contracts (for laptops, service providers, routers, license upgrades and servers) and your IT capital projects for each location and department.

As much as you’re raring to go for infrastructure improvements, you also want real-time visibility to all purchases and project budgets and the ability to report on estimated vs. actual costs.  To illustrate how Ariett can support your dreams of an idyllic technology world, we'll share with you a real-life example of a recently acquired Ariett customer.

Vendor Contract Approval with Complete Audit Trail:

With hundreds of restaurant locations around the country, this customer selected Ariett so that they could manage specific IT agreements (e.g. with hardware vendors such as Dell) and capital expenditure projects for each location.  In the first instance, this business has used Ariett to set up an agreement for x amount of dollars with a hardware vendor, allowing them to purchase laptops and tablets at a volume discount rate.  When employees initiate a vendor contract or capital project, they enter contract details, such as the expiration date, attach any documents and submit the document into an approval workflow for other contract stakeholders to review (e.g. the legal department, procurement or the CIO).  Throughout the contract approval process, Ariett captures all comments about contract revisions and approval dates and times.

With the contract in place for this vendor, employee buyers in different locations can easily use Ariett Punchout to the vendor’s website to select laptops or tablets with the negotiated rate.  When buyers complete shopping, Ariett automatically creates a requisition that can be tagged to the original agreement.  In this scenario, if you want to quickly see IT costs against initial contract budget, we’ve got it covered – you can just search for the contract from your Ariett home screen.  From the contract window, a complete record of all purchase commitments – requisitions, purchase orders and invoices – will be available, as well as the calculated remaining funds.  If you’d like to determine pricing consistency across locations, a report based on the “ship to address” can be generated to help you compare costs and detect any pricing variances.

Visibility to Capital Project Budgets & Change Orders:

In addition, this customer is employing Ariett to manage capital expenditure projects with multiple vendors and in multiple locations.  For each location, a project can be set up in Ariett Contract that will allow IT to assign requisitions for hardware, software, installation services and other IT-related services to the project.  At any given time and from any device, the executive leadership can view the capital project budget for each location and drill into the details of all requisitions, purchase orders and invoices for different vendors under that project. 

Similarly, in your role as CIO, you’ll find that Ariett will keep you in the loop by providing you with real-time information about your IT project budgets.  To remain up-to-date on important project milestones, such as warranty expiration dates, you can simply use Ariett’s user-defined fields to set up automated reminders.  And, if one of your project managers is concerned that additional funds are necessary, your project manager can just submit an Ariett Change Order into an approval workflow.  Once you or an executive team member has reviewed and approved the change order, it is tagged to the project for that location and the revised budget is available.

Ready to vanquish those antiquated infrastructure demons once and for all?  Then, it’s time to take a serious look at a solution that will support a successful IT upgrade; we’ll help you manage and track spending for all vendor contracts and IT capital projects across locations.  Click here if you are interested in a New Ariett Contract Guide – for Managing Vendor Contracts and Capital Projects.