Expense Management Mobile Expense UX Designed for Mobile Users

Let's say you're out on the way to a restaurant for dinner and you get an email notification from work. You open the notification on your phone, click the link, but you find sometimes you can't read it because the text is too small and the site User Experience (UX) is designed for a desktop. Or worse, it is a mobile specific site but missing a great deal of information that you would see on the regular desktop site. And when you go to enlarge the text using your other hand, perhaps having to stop in the street and drop your things; do you also sometimes swipe the screen to zoom-in but somehow unintentionally click something and your browser opens and starts loading another website?

The frustration mounts, as you receive emails requesting you to take action immediately but force you to use a mobile website on your phone that is not optimized for your mobile device. You wait and wait for large file sizes of images, data and scripted animations to download into your phone. Taking action is often even more painful as you zoom in, hunt for data and try to click links that are too small for your fingers.

You can walk the Dog and Use Ariett

Ariett Xpense Mobile Guy walking dog

We've designed a Mobile Expense UX with an interface that loads quickly, that you can use while you're walking and will work on any smartphone or tablet. While holding your coat and bag, walking down the avenue, you can view and approve invoices or make a requisition request one-handed with ease. Walking the dog? You're still at 100% the capacity you would be if sitting in front of a computer.

Just because a company boasts they have a mobile app, doesn't make it a usable mobile UX. Web interface designs that recognize your device and are tuned for use on that device are a milestone to a future where we're no longer confined to our desks or leashed to a power supply. UX design that offers the same information and capabilities across devices must be the standard.

Ariett has embraced Responsive Web Design, building solutions with a single code base across all devices, making expense management mobile for users. We're delivering the same usability and functionality to mobile users on any devices as anyone would have when working with our products on a desktop. Many companies promote themselves as mobile but offer limited functionality to users in the field and drop huge image files and scripts into your phone which add to the cost of doing business. Ariett’s web products are built using web standards compliant with CSS, Jquery and HTML5, so we can display the same information without the extended image file downloads and long page load wait times.

A Beautiful Interface Employees can use from any Mobile Device

When you want to complete as task, you want to stay focused on the task at hand instead of being focused on manipulating the mobile device to accommodate legacy app designs or waiting for their expense management mobile app to load. Ariett offers an innovative mobile expense platform that is easy to use and provides a truly mobile user experience for managers on the go. We've built more functionality into our designs than any other product like it on the market and still made it intuitive, beautiful and easy enough to use that it doesn't take a degree in computer science. Discover a truly mobile experience with Ariett.