Eliminate OCR Errors and Gain Translation Fluency with Ariett AP Invoice Software for Accounts Payable

In our recent Internet rambles, we stumbled upon some comical mistranslations from around the world. One favorite was from a Paris hotel elevator: "Please leave your values at the front desk."

While translation peccadilloes can dish out a daily dose of humor, they are not always a laughing matter.  No one knows this better than the AP manager when invoices get lost in translation due to reliance on Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software.  However, there is a more accurate, efficient and cost-effective alternative that is fluent in accounts payable automation: Ariett AP Invoice Software with Box4Dox Document Management.​

Lost in Translation

With 100% error-free processing of invoices, Ariett AP Invoice is the Rosetta Stone for accounts payable invoice automation quandaries.  Once Box4Dox captures the vendor, date and time from emailed invoices, it generates accounts payable transactions and initiates approval workflows—employees simply key in the invoice amount and number.  This process ensures precision, while OCR software makes small, unpredictable “slips of the tongue” that are time-consuming to correct.  This makes Box4Dox the best option for an AP manager to boost the accuracy of financial data and the productivity of the accounts payable department.

Ariett AP Invoice can also improve the efficiency of your accounts payable department by streamlining document management and approval workflows.  In other words, the system automatically assigns invoices and receipts to a transaction and approval workflow without requiring employees to organize, sort and scan documents—often necessary steps with OCR software.  That’s the beauty of Box4Dox’s invoice and workflow fluency.

A final consideration when you evaluate accounts payable automation solutions is the cost of OCR software versus the cost of alternatives.  Because Box4Dox stores invoices, receipts and other documents as a cloud transaction, there is no need for on premise deployment, infrastructure, software licenses, IT resources and maintenance.  Cost-effective and error-free, Box4Dox might just be the perfect solution for your AP team.

As the writing on the Paris elevator wall revealed, there are all sorts of things that get lost in translation.  Ariett Accounts Payable Automation with Document Management ensures that your financial data isn't one of them.