Delight Your AP Team with Three Accounts Payable Software Features

Are you looking to really knock your employees’ socks off with something that is totally unexpected and will make their work more seamless? The best gift that you can give your employees this spring is an accounts payable solution that keeps delivering features that delight. What makes a software feature “delightful”? A recent blog explains a model (the Kano Model) that categorizes features as “delightful,” “linear” or “hygienic,” which all elicit customer happiness to varying degrees (see original blog post:

  • Hygienic Feature: This type of feature is a given for customers and is not enough to really satisfy or make them happy. When employees use their accounts payable invoice automation software, they expect that the solution will store an electronic copy of the invoice that they can access right away. If your employees still have an easier time locating paper invoices in a file cabinet, they might be very tempted to throw that software right out the window.
  • Linear Feature: This is the type of feature that customers will request and, when these features work well, customer satisfaction increases. For the accounts payable team in a global organization, this might mean expanding the number of currencies available for converting invoice amounts in different originating currencies to the functional currency.
  • Delightful Feature: Customers see this feature and love it without ever realizing that they “needed” the functionality in the first place; a feature that holds delightful qualities is one that will excite and boost employee happiness the most. In this case, we’re delighted to share with you three Ariett software features that will wow your accounts payable team.

Delightful Feature #1: Quick Add Screen

Ariett’s Cloud Document Service, Box4Dox, has created quite a bit of buzz in customers’ accounts payable departments. The source of this excitement?—vendors who are set up in Box4Dox can email invoices directly to the accounts payable department and an accounts payable transaction with the document attached is automatically created. Now, employees can use Ariett’s new Quick Add screen for a side-by-side view of the invoice when reviewing and editing transaction information. Employees are delighted to discover how easy it is to manage and submit accounts payable transactions for approval.

Delightful Feature #2: Flexible Search Screens

This second feature will delight you and your employees by providing information at your fingertips without having to run a report or scroll through transaction details. Ariett’s new Search Screens can also be used across the Ariett Purchase and Expense product suite on any device – laptop, tablet or smartphone. To tailor your view, you can sort columns in ascending or descending order or enter keywords in the global search or column search areas. For instance, if your Accounts Payable managers want to review spending for a specific vendor, they can enter the vendor’s name in the vendor column and a complete list of invoices will appear. You can also use filtering to refine your search and, if you need to perform further analysis, simply export the results to Excel.

Delightful Feature #3: Mileage Calculator

Your employees most likely expect any expense reporting solution to have a field for entering miles traveled and, in some instances, a field for entering destinations. Employees are thrilled when they can use a familiar tool like Google Maps to plot their origin and destination point(s) and when Ariett automatically calculates the number of miles traveled for each stop. Employees no longer have to guesstimate or manually record their travel—Ariett ensures accurate reporting of mileage on expense reports, which will truly delight your accounts payable team.

If you’re interested in seeing first-hand some of Ariett’s most delightful features, take a look at our accounts payable invoice automation and expense management videos: