Ariett Touch: Utopia for Mobile Purchase Orders and Mobile Expense Reporting

In 1516, Thomas More published Utopia, a philosophical text that describes a fictional, ideal island in the Atlantic Ocean. To create this island, Utopia’s founder, King Utopus dug a 15-mile wide channel to sever ties with the not-so-perfect mainland. In a jiffy, fifty-four cities sprouted up, all with the same political structure, architecture, language, customs and laws—producing a happy, cohesive community with a common purpose.

In 2014, we’ve coded our way to an ideal community where Ariett customers can have the same seamless experience on any device. Ariett’s software for mobile expense reporting and mobile purchase orders, Ariett Touch (our “mobile-first utopian island”), unites your business with the common purpose of automating your business processes and gaining insight into company spending wherever you are.

To separate us from a non-utopian world without automation, insight and mobility, we utilized HTML5 and CSS3, rather than spades and shovels, to make our software's user-interface adapt to any device. By employing responsive design, we have ensured that the mobile and desktop versions of Ariett Touch provide our customers with the same user-friendly, touch-ready experience when submitting or approving mobile expense reports or mobile purchase orders

Of course, before you book a flight to our mobile utopia, you want to be certain of the security of your data. Just like More’s Utopians who didn’t want any non-Utopians to cross their little man-made channel, you don’t want any outsiders infiltrating your company’s systems. This is especially true considering that BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is becoming more and more popular in business. With Ariett Touch Azure Active Directory, you gain robust security controls on any device.  Ariett Touch Azure Active Directory allows your IT Manager to set up a single password for each user so that employees can gain single sign-on access to Ariett.

Touch’s security controls combined with rich functionality for mobile purchase orders and mobile expense reporting are what make businesses levitate to a utopian level. Our software hands your team the necessary tools for quick approvals and payments on any device. For instance, when employees travel for a business conference, they can take a picture of their business expense receipts and attach them to their expense reports. Within minutes, your employees can submit expense reports on-the-go, and within a few more minutes, your managers can review the documents and give mobile approval—guaranteeing that employees get reimbursed ASAP.

Once you’re on Ariett's utopian island, not only do you acquire business automation but you also gain real-time insight into company spending. You and other budget stakeholders can view a calculated availability of budget and then drill down to the details of budget commitments. Green, red and yellow lights indicate whether employee expenses or company purchases are within budget, allowing both you and your employees to be on the same page. When you have the right information at your fingertips, you can quickly make informed decisions to ensure employee compliance with spending policies and improve your bottom line.

Now that mobile expense reporting and mobile purchase orders are within a stone’s throw of your business, why wait? If you’re interested in learning more about going mobile with Ariett, please read our latest press release.