Ariett Supports Microsoft Azure Active Directory

Imagine a conductor trying to simultaneously conduct two orchestras playing separate pieces of music, a daunting challenge even for a maestro. You see him standing there—droplets of perspiration flying from his face as he swings his body back and forth to face first one orchestra and then the other. Despite the growing cacophony, he perseveres in his fanatical dance.

Ariett Conductor

An IT manager is a conductor of sorts. However, IT managers must conduct more than two “orchestras”; they must manage the company’s hardware and software and track employees’ passwords and access to multiple systems. Also, don’t forget to factor in that they must deal with the cacophony of security issues presented by a BYOD environment, where all personal smartphones and tablets chime in. Doesn’t sound so easy, does it?

IT managers’ quandaries have a clear solution that will simplify identity and access management in the cloud: Microsoft Azure Active Directory. With Microsoft Azure Active Directory, IT managers have a central location from which to manage users and establish policy controls for all Microsoft Office 365 and SaaS applications, such as Ariett Touch and Ariett Purchase and Expense Management Software. Once IT managers specify roles and access, these policies are instantly applied throughout the network. With a centralized view to the users of multiple applications, aberrant access patterns can be easily detected.

An additional advantage of using Microsoft Azure Active Directory with Ariett software is its harmonious synchronization with on-premises Active Directory; to connect the two, just install Microsoft’s free downloadable tool, Azure Active Directory Connect. Because of the security benefits and seamless synchronization of Azure Active Directory, a number of Ariett customers are either using or will use Azure Active Directory with Ariett software. “Our company uses Active Directory to manage access to our IT systems. The benefit I am hoping to get from an integration between Ariett and our Active Directory is to simplify the administration of the user setup in Ariett. If Active Directory could be used to create and deactivate expense users and manage password policy and email addresses – then I don’t have to,” explains one Ariett customer.

Microsoft Azure Active Directory is the identity and access management solution that turns the dissonance of multiple security systems into an opus of magical harmony. To learn more about applications with Microsoft Azure Active Directory, take a look at our most recent press release on the listing of Ariett Touch and Ariett Purchase and Expense Management Software in the Azure Active Directory Applications Gallery.