Ariett Leverages Microsoft Azure Logic Apps for your Accounts Payable Team

Ariett’s development team continues to use technology to deliver features that help the finance and accounts payable teams to work smarter and faster.  Meet our latest Cloud service: an invisible hand that automatically tracks transactions, such as invoices, requisitions and contracts, and motivates employees to move those transactions quickly through the intended workflow. Accounts Payable employees no longer need to run themselves ragged tracking transactions and reminding co-workers about important pending invoices. Ariett, their new team member, is right there with them – taking care of business by tracking down approvers, sending alerts and alleviating workflow bottlenecks.

This latest innovative service focuses on automated notifications to remind approvers and send employees information on the status of pending invoices, new credit card transactions and contract expirations.  Ariett’s new service is part of a smorgasbord of technical services designed to take on everyday, repetitive chores, so your Accounts Payable team can focus on more strategic tasks, such as reporting and data analysis.   

How does this new service actually work? 

Our developers utilized Microsoft Azure’s App Service, Logic Apps, to schedule services through APIs that search for conditions on the system and send email notifications to employees.  Customers can work with their Ariett Account Manager to determine what to track and what notifications are important, and then have the services scheduled.  For instance, if you would like to alleviate bottlenecks caused by delayed invoice approvals, reminders can be sent to encourage processing to be completed – especially at month-end.

What are some examples of when this Service would be useful?

Employee User Submitting an Expense Report:  Let’s say an employee in the Sales Department has already started an expense report for a client business trip.  However, that expense report won’t make it very far and the employee won’t get reimbursed without importing his/her credit card charges onto the report.  In this case, the services could be used to regularly send the employee a reminder when credit card data is available to be imported onto the report.

Employee Responsible for Completing Receipt of Goods/Services:  If IT hardware has already been requisitioned and a purchase order has been generated by Ariett, then the employee responsible for receiving the hardware will want to know that the PO is ready for receiving against it.  In this case, the services can easily be set up to schedule reminders about the newly created PO.   

CFO Approving a Vendor Contract: For example, if the CFO recently rejected a vendor contract back to the VP of Marketing because a certain document wasn’t attached, then the CFO will probably want to know when the contract has been resubmitted ASAP.  To help the CFO meet the contract deadline, Ariett can use the services to schedule a daily reminder for the contract resubmitted by the VP.

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