Active Directory in the Microsoft Azure Cloud

Cloud applications are changing how companies manage users and establish policy controls. Ariett is committed to Microsoft Azure Active Directory for authentication for our Purchase to Pay and Travel and Expense Reporting Applications.

Active Directory (AD) is a directory service created by Microsoft. AD is used in organizations with Windows based networks to manage users and establish policy controls by helping administrators centralize the creation of usernames and passwords, and specify roles and access across the company network. This central view helps IT administrators keep company systems secure, as user access and policies set through Active Directory are instantly applied across the network. This greatly simplifies the task of managing administration for multiple systems separately for each user – especially for large user communities. AD also helps companies track access to systems and information - but it is also simplifies things for end users, who can use Active Directory to access computers, software and information with the same login credentials, and who can access these resources with a "single sign on".

How Does Active Directory in the Cloud Benefit Me?

By providing Ariett users with a single sign on experience in the Microsoft Azure Cloud and eliminating yet another username and password, Ariett simplifies and unifies your end user experiences. Administrators no longer have to manage users and passwords in multiple environments and applications.

With the Microsoft Azure Active Directory option, you will use the same user ID and password in Ariett as your Office 365 apps. Azure AD is fully encrypted and supports AD password policies. Microsoft currently handles one billion authentication requests for users per day. All Office 365 products currently use Azure AD – it is a highly robust, secure, scalable platform and Azure AD authentication is now an option for Ariett Cloud customers.

Ariett supports single sign on with Azure AD - once authenticated, you can use Office 365 apps or Ariett without further authentication. If you use AD on premise and you already synchronize with AD for Office 365, then you have nothing else to do. If not, you can install a simple Microsoft Utility, Directory Synchronization (known as Dir Sync) for synchronization between your On-Premise AD User directory and WAAD, or you can utilize Microsoft federated services for complete synchronization with Single Sign On from on premise login to Ariett. Additionally, many third party authentication services also support synchronization or federation with Azure AD.

Microsoft Windows Active Directory Explained