Polynesian Cultural Center

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AP Invoice Automation
Document Manager
1,300 employees
~$60 million/yr
  • Using manual inefficient procurement paper processes causing lost requests & invoices
  • Purchasing team was spending too much time rekeying, tracking and managing requests
  • Better audit control was needed to follow spending authorization and approval process
  • Needed visibility to status and budgets during approval to better time purchases
  • Employees on the go needed Mobile applications to eliminate operational bottlenecks
  • Electronic documents, procurement workflows and approval provided centralized visibility
  • Improved business processes with audit trails and validated operational compliance
  • Better cash flow management with real-time access to budget information
  • More informed timely decision making with Mobile applications
  • Purchasing Managers achieved automation and cost savings through better buying practices
"Our paper purchase requisitions were sitting on someone's desk because they were off island or it was in someone's inbox. Ariett's automated solution provided the much needed visibility and control." ~ Fred Camit Chief Information Officer, Polynesian Cultural Center

The Polynesian Cultural Center (PCC) is one of the top attractions in Hawaii, featuring a 42-acre facility on the North Shore of Oahu. Founded in 1963 as a non-profit organization, the PCC has entertained more than 36 million visitors, while preserving and portraying the culture and customs of Polynesia to the rest of the world.

PCC employs 1,300 people and more than 120 employees were involved daily in the purchasing process – requisitioning, ordering and receiving supplies, event food and beverages, educational materials and CAPEX purchasing. The purchasing team needed eProcurement web-based software that was easy to use and automated processing, so they could focus time on buying better.

The PCC Purchasing and Finance Team e-Procurement Project Goals

  • Go paperless and move to an electronic system with Document Management
  • Integrate to Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Create flexible requisition workflows to quickly gain approval with audit trails
  • Have budget visibility at the time of approval
  • Make it easy for employees to quickly reorder or create new requests
  • Implement tools for the purchasing team to gain efficiency – Online purchasing on supplier's websites, supply re-order templates, catalog contract pricing, PO consolidation and PO email delivery
  • Give approvers the ability to view and approve from the road with Mobile applications

"There was no visibility," said Fred Camit, Chief Information Officer at PCC. "The greatest benefit of going from paper to electronic is that everyone always knows where the purchase requisition and invoices are. Getting away from paper was crucial, now everyone sees the status real-time."

With Ariett's ease of use features, the purchasing team created contract catalog items and re-order templates – self services tools -so employees can now quickly find what they need at the correct price. Flexible online shopping – where the cart on the supplier website quickly creates a purchase requisition on Ariett validating the PCC business rules, electronically sending the PO – eliminates rekeying of data.

Mobile Applications for Review and Approval

In fast paced environment when event planning and purchasing was critical to success, traveling managers were a bottleneck. "Acquiring the mobile capability for our traveling employees was important for us and a big part of why we went with Ariett. Now our travelers can be notified of pending approvals and have the ability to review and approve all electronic documents – price quotes, contracts, invoices from their phone wherever they are," said Camit.

View Real-time Calculated Availability of Budget at Time of Approval

At PCC, as it is at most Not-For-Profit organizations, purchase requests must be approved and committed against a budget. Ariett delivers critical real-time budget availability at the time of requisition review and approval. Approvers are responsible for budget policy enforcement with the appropriate tools to check their budgets and validate budget availability prior to making any requisition approval.

"Having real-time budgeting information was significant. The ability for our approvers to review what is being requested and compare it to the budget was a huge. Especially when you buy a capital expense"

AP Invoice Automation with Document Manager

"Ariett already had everything we needed so it was an obvious choice for us,” added Camit. "From the requisition, to the PO to the three way match and Invoice we see the complete process".

As with most organizations, only a certain percentage of AP Invoices are associated with Purchase Orders. PCC took full advantage of Ariett AP Invoice Automation with Document Manager to route and approve the electronic invoice and transactions quickly and easily. Flexible workflow manages new vendor requests, priority and exception invoices. The accounts payable transaction is automatically created in the financial system with a link to stored electronic document making answering audit questions simple and easy to accomplish.

Control, Best Practices, & Audit Trail

PCC was able to streamline and document the approval limits and the routing. It became very clear that their manual processes did not meet policies and procedures.

"Now that we could build the workflow with flexible approval routes we could see the entire approval process and document the routing rules and show the auditors - it works - we did go through an audit two weeks ago and we passed with flying colors."

"The folks at Ariett know their product inside and out; Ariett worked with us to make sure we considered all of our users’ needs so we understood what needed to be done. Ariett was right there all along…the whole support team was awesome!"

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