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Complete Intacct Integration to Dimensions, Allocations, Vendors, GLs and Entities






Ready to optimize your spending culture?

With upfront approval of operational expenses, you gain the control and visibility to get you on track.

Ariett offers one procurement platform for employees to quickly submit purchasing requests, track contracts, submit purchase orders, capture invoices and make payments. With seamless bidirectional cloud to cloud Intacct integration, Ariett extends your Intacct investment.

One solution for contracts, requisitions, PO's, invoices, expenses and payments. Approved integration with Intacct, visit us in the Intacct Marketplace.








Ariett & Intacct Featured Customer:
Oryx Midstream Services, LLC

Solution: Like many Intacct Customers Oryx searched for a partner in the Intacct Marketplace, to find an easy to use, mobile solution to pre-approve purchases, service contracts, as well as vendor invoices for AP Bill processing in the Intacct Accounting Software system.

After reviewing Intacct Purchase Orders, Oryx needed more flexibility for their employees in the field with limited access to the Intacct Cloud ERP solution, to easily request and approve purchases from mobile devices.

With Ariett, employees now quickly gain upfront approval before purchasing, and can submit PO’s to vendors electronically and confirm when a good or service is received through their mobile device without increasing annual Intacct Cost.

Profile: Oryx Midstream Services
Provides a full suite of midstream pipeline services from wellhead to market in the Permian Basin

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About Ariett

Ariett generates savings on every contract, requisition, invoice, expense report and payment with a modern, unified procurement platform for your Intacct solution. For more information, please visit, call 781-826-1120 or connect with Ariett on LinkedIn and Twitter.